Interview with Sophie Castagné on mobility and Transports Publics Exhibition

Sophie CastagnéLogiMobi-Events had the opportunity to interview Sophie Castagné during the conference Paris vernetzt on June 29, 2017 in Düsseldorf.
Sophie Castagné has headed up GIE Objectif transport public since 2005. The mission of this agency is to promote public transport and sustainable mobility. Sophie Castagné is resposible for the organisation of recurrent large-scale events aimed at both professionals and the general public, such as the Transports Publics, Europen Mobility Exhibition.

Strengthened awareness for mobility options next to cars.

LogiMobi: Mrs Castagné, since 2005 you are director of GIE – Objectif transport public. The GIE’s mission is to promote mass transit and to raise awareness regarding issues of sustainable mobility. From your point of view: What has changed in the public and political awareness regarding the importance of public transport?